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True Lit: Narrative Nonfiction, Turning Facts into Story with Linda Leavell

Linda Leavell

True Lit Festival 2016 Narrative Nonfiction, Facts into Story with Linda Leavell happens on October 19 from 3:00pm- 5:00pm in the Fayetteville Public Library Ann Henry Board Room.

How do authors of narrative nonfiction, such as Erik Larson and Laura Hillenbrand, stay true to the facts and still write a story […]

Writing Killer Mysteries with Dr. Edward A. Allen

NorthWest Arkansas Community College offers a writing class in Bella Vista with Dr. Edward A. Allen February 20 to April 10. How to Write Killer Mysteries will guide the participant through strategies of writing a good mystery, inventing characters,, adopting authentic point of view, finding voice, and strategies for plotting. Dr. Allen is […]

Marilyn Collins at Fayetteville Public Library with Your Story, Their Story

Author Marilyn Collins will teach an interactive memoir writing workshop called Your Story, Their Story beginning February 4. Sessions for this writing series will help memoir writers, genealogists, and even budding fiction writers to capture those rich family stories and preserve the characters that make our families memorable.Participants will write a story for each […]