Libraries Around the State Enjoy a Partial Reopening

Of all the things missed most during the stay-at-home shutdown, it’s been the library.  Virtual services were available 24/7 but use of print materials and in-person programs were closed during February, March, and April.  With the arrival of May, and the pandemic cresting in Arkansas, libraries have begun a slow, cautious re-opening from Syd McMath Library, Little Rock,  to Ft. Smith Public Library and on to the Delta. Check them out with their various schedules and programs in your area.

In Washington County, the Fayetteville Public Library  and Springdale Public Library are the  larger public library services. However, there are numerous other smaller libraries available within the Washington County Library services umbrella each with unique programs, hours, and services.

Check locally for further information on what library services are available closest to you.

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