Arkansas-based Chamber Magazine Growing

from Phil Slattery, Founder and Publisher of The Chamber Magazine


The Chamber Magazine is proud to announce that it is approaching two milestones 


As of May 14, The Chamber stands at 9,839 views from 4,126 visitors. Probably by the end of this month, The Chamber will have had 10,000 views, of which 8,875 have come since its rebirth in December 2020.In addition, the number of email followers is currently at 493 while the  number of followers on social media stands at 382.


The Chamber Magazine publishes contemporary dark fiction and poetry from not only Arkansans and the rest of the US but from around the world. It is published every Friday at 10:00 a.m. so as to reach the maximum number of readers in the English-speaking world (US. UK. Canada, New Zealand, and Australia) as well as nations where English is a major language such as India, the nations of Europe, etc.


The Chamber has published stories and poems from as diverse places as India, Argentina, Romania, Ireland, and, of course, England, to mention a few. So far in 2021, readers have come from 73 countries. We are open to submissions 24/7/365. Guidelines are on the website. There is no pay, but the author retains all rights.

If you are an Arkansas writer, you are welcome to submit writing-related articles like this one. Guidelines:

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