Barbara Youree’s Book Available for Pre-Order

Author Barbara YoureeCover Courageous JourneyBarbara Youree, a member of the Writers’ Guild of Northwest Arkansas, has a book on the Lost Boys of the Sudan coming out in September 2008. It can be pre-ordered now at Journey: Walking the Lost Boys Path from the Sudan to America traces the ordeal of Ayuel Leek and Beny Ngor, two of the thousands of children displaced by the chaos of civil war and exploitation in the Sudan. Barbara Youree was one of the volunteer mentors in Kansas City who helped rescued Sudanese immigrants adjust to life in the United States. She has written the stories of these two young men as they told them to her over the course of several years.To pre-order your copy, go to Amazon.

Maeve Maddox writes about popular culture, English usage, and education. Her most recent books are WORD RAGE, a guide to peaceful coexistence as American English-speakers, and THE FABERGE FLUTE, a cozy mystery set in 1980s London.

3 thoughts on “Barbara Youree’s Book Available for Pre-Order

  1. Barbara-
    You should add a link to the independent bookstores website, www, anytime you link to amazon and also mention that your local bookstore can order it.

  2. Excellent. I’m very glad to see this up–from what I’ve read, it will be an excellent book. I’ll be ordering a copy post-haste.

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