Book Signing with Wide Appeal 23 February 2019

Kay Anderson Gay will be at the Fayetteville Town Center on the Fayetteville Square to sign books on SATURDAY, February 23, 2019 from 4:30—6:30 p.m.

Ten years ago, Kay received shattering news: she had Parkinson’s Disease. How she learned to deal with the diagnosis and the changes it brought to her life is the subject of her book, Parkinson’s: The Roller Coaster I Live On.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with PD or has a friend or family member who has will want to read this account of how one woman learned to live with a condition that takes over one’s body and changes relationships at home and at work.

Kay approaches this serious subject with a wry humor that keeps the book from being a downer. She chronicles her efforts first to accept the reality of her diagnosis and then, by trial and error, to find ways to maintain a quality of life in spite of the disease.

The book will appeal to a wide audience, not just to sufferers of PD and their families and co-workers, but also to anyone interested in the way a progressive disease sends out ripples, like a rock thrown into water, that affect not just the individual, but families, businesses, and the community at large.

Parkinson’s: The Roller Coaster I Live On is available in print and digital editions. Copies will be available for purchase at the book-signing on Saturday, February 23.


Maeve Maddox writes about popular culture, English usage, and education. Her most recent books are WORD RAGE, a guide to peaceful coexistence as American English-speakers, and THE FABERGE FLUTE, a cozy mystery set in 1980s London.

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