Bud Steed Talks About Hauntings November 11

Bud Steed, researcher of the paranormal

Bud Steed, author, researcher, paranormal investigator and explorer of strange and lost legends, will talk about his new book, Haunted Northwest Arkansas, at Nightbird Books on Saturday, November 11, from 3-5 pm.

Most folks who live in Northwest Arkansas  have heard tales of what Nancy Hartney calls “haints” in this neck of the woods. Anyone who has ever spent the night at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs can probably attest to the spooky happenings that go on there. Apparitions of Confederate soldiers are said to haunt the battlefields of Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove and Elkhorn Tavern, formerly a Civil War field hospital.

Steed will make a short presentation on the subject of his book before making himself available for questions and book signings.

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