Cozy Mystery by Maeve Maddox Rates Five Stars

The Fabergé Flute is a fictional musical treasure Maeve Maddox has created to lure readers into her cozy mystery of that title. Set in 1980s London, home to the author for several years, the story takes flight from Arkansas with Sallie Dunbar.

If an international convention of flutists sounds like an unlikely destination for an amateur flutist seeking a bit of adventure and escape from a meddlesome mother and mostly indifferent high school English students, Sallie finds the tour price right for her dream destination.

Ever alert for trouble, she carries every emergency need in a tote bag, and finds use for first aid items when the mayhem starts. And ever hopeful for romance, the veteran of a broken marriage brings a sexy nightie as well, only to unpack and find a chenille robe in its place. One more reason she hopes to move out of her mother’s basement.

Rumors surface that the oft-stolen Fabergé Flute is somewhere among conventioneers, and that Sallie holds the key to its whereabouts. The handsome flute vendor who gives her a whirl might care more about what she possibly knows of the artifact than he does their mutual love of great literature. When a killer determines to find the flute or else, Sallie narrowly escapes death. A touch of magical realism in the mysterious flute music that heals, and a thread of international intrigue combine with the author’s subtle wit to create an entertaining tale. The author’s experience as an educator and literature maven give Sallie life on the page. I enjoyed The Fabergé Flute five stars worth.

The Fabergé Flute is available on Amazon.

Raymona Anderson is the author of Two Hearts in Time and Bitter Pills and Deadly Postions.


Raymona Anderson is an Arkansas writer whose novels combine romance and adventure.

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