APPLE, Linda teaches workshops on Inspirational Creative Nonfiction. Author of INSPIRE! Writing from the Soul, an instructional guide to inspirational writing, and Connect! A Simple Guide to Public Speaking for Writers, she has sold 13 stories to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

AUSTIN, Donna is the author of The Sunflower Principle. She is active with Writers’ Ink, a writers’ group in the Jonesboro/Paragould area of Arkansas.

BOERNER, Talya Tate is a Fayetteville author, freelance writer, and blogger. Her novel, The Accidental Salvation of Gracie Lee, debuted in 2016. She is a regular contributor to Front Porch MagazineOnlyinArkansas, and Delta Crossroads. Her personal blog, Grace Grits and Gardening, focuses on food, farm, garden, and all things Southern.

BOSACKER, Gerald writes poetry and short stories. He is new to Arkansas.

BOYLES, Carolyn a freelance writer in Central Arkansas, writes both fiction and non-fiction. She has written A Complete Plain-English Guide to Living with a Spinal Cord Injury: Valuable Information From A Survivor (2007).

BROTHERTON, Velda writes fiction and nonfiction and teaches writing workshops. Her website lists the many works she has in publication.

BYRUM, Cathy Dillard  published her first book, an account of her cancer battle titled I Shall Not Die, in June of 2019. It is available on Barnesandnoble.com, Westbowpress.com and of course, Amazon. Cathy has lived on Beaver Lake in Rogers for 30 years.

CANTRELL, Maria, author of Early Morning in the Land of Dreams (Telephee Press, 2020) is an Arkansas Arts Council Fellowship Award Winner in Short Fiction, and a contributor to Woman’s WorldAY magazine, Entertainment Fort SmithDo South magazine, and the Mental Health Care Guide of Arkansas. Visit her at her publisher.

CASTORO, Laura author of 38 books, number 39 out in May; writes about the writing profession on her blogs The Writing Life and Once Upon a Time.

CLARK, C. J.  CJ’s books Vestal VirginsMarry Me Under the Mistletoe, and Wyoming Dreamer are available at Amazon.com, Kindle, and CreateSpace.com/. Visit her at her website.

CLAY, Ericka, a graduate of the University of Arkansas’s Creative Writing program, has received multiple awards from Writers Digest for various short fiction pieces. Her women’s fiction novel, Unkept, has been traditionally published by Bannerwing Books. You can find more of her work at her website.

COLLINS, Marilyn Harris is author, writing coach, and conference speaker. She has written several writing guides related to local history and family history, most recently. Brighten Your Leaf on the Family Tree.

DAVIDSON, Lela , author of Blacklisted from the PTA (Jupiter Press, 2011), is Managing Editor of ParentingSquad.com, Associate Editor of Peekaboo Magazine, and a contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul: New Moms. Her speaking topics include writing and social media.

DENDLER, Meg is is an author, editor, and speaker who lives near Fayetteville. Along with women’s fiction, Meg writes the award-winning Cats in the Mirror middle-grade series and recently published the start of a new series, Bianca: The Brave Frail and Delicate Princess. Upcoming events are listed at her website.

DONNELLY, Cat , poet/writer of children’s books, has written a short independent screenplay, newspaper columns, and non-fiction articles while working on her murder mystery.

DUTTON, Vernon is a published local author of a book of Civil War Poetry in 2012 and a Civil War/SciFi novel in 2017 about time travel to the Civil War past. His second novel in the Civil War Sci/Fi series will be published this year.  He posts a weekly blog on his website. He is a Civil War re-enactor and a motivational speaker. Website.

ELZEY, Jane is a mischief-maker, storyteller, and bender of the facts. She writes a game-focused mystery series about four mature women who play to win while #the husbandalwaysdies. Jane writes from her studio in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Poison Parcheesi and Wine (Scorpius Carta Press 2022) is Book Three in the series.

ELINBURG, Ginger is a self-published author from Southeast Arkansas near Dumas. She writes in multiple genres, mostly paranormal romance and suspense thrillers. She has written and published 16 books under her own name and four books under pen names. She is also a cover designer who creates premade book covers for other authors.

FONTANA, Michael has published two novels, Sleeping with Gods and The Sacred Machine, as well as a chapbook, Dozen Meditations.  He has also published short fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  An Arkansas resident since 2005, he lives in Bella Vista.  Web page.

FRANZ, Rhonda is currently on indefinite leave from teaching other people’s children to raise her own. She blogs on a variety of subjects.

GAY, Denton has written several comedies, a drama, and a fantasy in the screenplay format. He also experiments with writing novels and short stories.

GARRETT, Del has two novels under contract to Whiskey Creek Press: The Goodbye Trail and Whispers in the Wind: The Search for Jack the Ripper. As a freelance writer he has published both fiction and nonfiction. He’s vice-president  of Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas. Author’s page.

GAUGHT, Val is employed by Ashley Publishing as a reporter and writes for multiple weekly publications in southeast Arkansas. In addition to writing news articles, she writes novels, poetry and short stories and takes on a variety of other writing contracts. Gaught is also the author of Arkansas Bucket List, a column published weekly in the Ashley News Observer and the Chicot County Spectator.

GAYER, Russell is an author, blogger, and speaker. His award-winning humor stories and essays have been published in various anthologies and on line at Retirement and Good Living and Female First (UK). His most recent book is One Idiot Short of a Village.  To learn more about Russell, visit his website.

GRIGSBY, Sean writes horror stories and various freelance articles. He lives in Jacksonville and is a member of the Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas.

HARTNEY, Nancy writes short stories,  poetry, and freelance nonfiction articles for regional publications. Her debut collection includes award-winning Washed in the Water (2013) and critically acclaimed If the Creek Don’t Rise (2016). She is available to speak to groups and book clubs and offers craft workshops. Details at NancyHartney.com/.

HOLMES, Adele is a retired pediatrician from Central Arkansas. She writes literary fiction. Her debut novel, Winter’s Reckoning, has been published by SheWritesPress.

HOUGLAND, Mandy is a professional freelance writer who accepts a variety of assignments including magazine articles, marketing and website copy, brochure design, resumes, and photography.

JONES, Tom/Thomas Cadwaleder <www.thomascadwalederjones.com> is the author of the satirical novel The History of Hank Fielding, A Foundling by Tom Jones, Esq. In Two Volumes. – Eleven of his plays have been produced professionally. He is available for select readings, lectures and workshops. He lives in NW Arkansas. Website.

JORDAN, KAREN freelance writer, speaker, and writing instructor, addresses topics about her faith, family, and writing on her blog BLESSED Legacy Stories. Karen is represented by Barbara Scott, literary agent for WordServe Literary Group.

KEARNEY, Janis F. is a publisher, author and public lecturer. Her two memoirs, Cotton Field of Dreams and Something to Write Home About, chronicle her journey from a sharecropper’s existence to the White House where she served as Presidential Diarist for President Clinton. Janis is currently completing two books: Daisy: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, a fictional memoir and Sundays with TJ: Remembering Varner Road.

LACY, Kate, NWA Poet/writer. Directs Poets NW, a branch of the Poets Roundtable, is a beta reader for local novelists, has published a short story and poems, and has won several awards for poetry.

LAUGHLIN, J.A. is a novelist who lives in NW Arkansas.

LLOYD, Mark is the author of Dragon Chaser: A Memoir and is active with the Northwest Arkansas Writers.

LYNN, Kathy is the author of three published historical fiction novels about Cherokee Indians in southern Tennessee. She frequently speaks at libraries, schools and to civic groups about Native Americans.

MADDOX, Maeve writes on education, language, and popular culture. Her barebones style guide, 100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid, is a must-have for writers looking to avoid common usage errors that damage credibility. Parents of young children will find her teaching site, AmericanEnglishDoctor.com, a valuable resource in their efforts to protect their offspring from school failure.

MANOS, Blanche is a cozy mystery writer with five, soon to be six, published books. She writes the Darcy and Flora, mother/daughter sleuths series and the Ned McNeil series. She also authors a daily blog post.

MARSHALL, Laurie, an award-winning writer living in Northwest Arkansas, works primarily in micro/flash fiction and nonfiction. Her recent stories appear in Stanchion, Emerge Literary Journal, and Versification. She is the winner of the 2021 Lascaux Review Flash Fiction Prize and has been nominated for the Best Small Fiction 2022 award. Website.

McKINNEY, Amanda <amandamckinneyauthor.com>, a writer of romantic suspense, wrote her debut novel, Lethal Legacy, after walking away from her career to become a stay-at-home mom. Her second novel, the first book in the Berry Springs Saga, will be released in 2017. Her books are fast-paced reads about murder, mystery, sex, and seduction. She lives in Siloam Springs.

MILLER, Jeffrey Aaron is an author of young adult novels, science fiction and fantasy. He recently published his first novel, an urban fantasy set in small-town Arkansas, titled Mary of the Aether, published as a trade paperback and ebook by Whiskey Creek Press. He has also written and published numerous short stories. He lives in Fort Smith.

PATTISON, Darcy, published in eight languages, is a children’s book author, writing teacher and blogger. Her children’s books have been named to the Child magazine and Nick Jr. Magazine’s Best of the Year lists.

PAXTON, Jackie is the author of non-fiction, including Learning Every Day in Every Way, published by etreasurespublishing as a paperback. His science-fiction has appeared in the Nautilus Engine. His latest work of non-fiction is 31 Fun Activities to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span, which was a #1 best seller on Kindle Education.

POE, Mark (markepoe868-at-gmail.com) writes about the South—the dark and gritty side, as well as the sentimental. His current projects include a book of short stories and a full-length book about Southern vigilante justice. He lives in Black Oak, Arkansas with his wife and three children.

POLLOCK, Ben S. is an essayist, most of the time. He also has a blog: Click on Brick on the Web site.

RIGSBEE, Linda Louise writes conservative romance and maintains two websites of free reads. She is a member of the Ozark Writer’s League and the founder of the Elkins Writers Group which meets the second Saturday of the month at the Elkins (Arkansas) Public Library.

ROBERTS, Joanie, freelance writer and poet living in Bella Vista, Arkansas, founded the Village Lake Writers & Poets in 2015. Her poetry and photographs have been published in eMergeInside Bella VistaWe R Bella VistaPoetry & Prose, and dversePoets. Her personal blog is called Shadowleaves on Lake Ann.

ROSS, Michelle L. is a published author and poet. Recent works include The Summoning, a paranormal romance short story published by parABnormal Digest,and Rendezvous, a poem published in Live Live: The Daydreamer’s Journal.

SCHRADER, Lucas is a Bentonville author who writes novels and short stories combining ancient mythologies into new tales. He’s just published his first story, “Primordium,” on Lulu.com and Patreon.

SKELTON, Dan is a retired English professor and theater director in Conway, Arkansas. He has published three novels. He writes horror, coming-of-age, and middle grade stories.

SLATTERY, Phil moved to Gillett, Arkansas in August 2019 from New Mexico. He writes dark fiction, horror, and smatterings of other genres. Collections of his short stories and poetry are available at Amazon or via major bookstores via print on demand. He also publishes two online magazines, The Chamber Magazine  and Rural Fiction Magazine. Check out PhilSlattery.org for more details.

SLEDGE, Mike is a free-lance writer in Russellville, AR. He is the author of Soldier Dead: How We Recover, Identify, Bury, and Honor Our Military Fallen (Columbia University Press, 2005, 2007). His most recent publication is Aren’t His Medals Shiny? in the on-line eMerge literary magazine of the Writers’ Colony in Eureka Springs. His preferred genre is speculative fiction. Website.

SMITH, Mary Nida is a freelance writer, author, poet, photographer and artist. She has written for magazines and newspapers. She is the founder of Twin Lakes Writers and a member of Ozarks Writers League, Ozark Regional Arts Council, and Friends of the Library. Books: Submarine Stories of World War II and Heroes Beneath the WavesWebsite.

STEWART, Penelope Penelope Stewart has finished a book called Global Cry. She is a member of the Helium writer group and has written several inspirational articles. She lives in Little Rock.

TROILO, STACI  writes fiction (romance, mystery, and contemporary lit) and nonfiction, including freelance projects for various companies. Her website lists her published works and her works in progress. Website

VANNATTER, Shannon Taylor is the author of a three-book inspirational romance series: White RosesWhite Doves, and White Pearls. She teaches at writers’ meetings, workshops, and conferences.

WISE, Charles is a non-denominational evangelist and freelance writer in central Arkansas, and moderator for Written Word Ministries. His second published book, first of a four-volume set, is entitled Now What? An instructional guide for new Christians.

WITHERS, Ellen, from Conway, Arkansas, writes a monthly feature for Life in Chenal Magazine and is a contributing editor of Writers Monthly Magazine. Along with several articles published in national magazines, she has had twelve fiction stories published in anthologies. She serves as contest coordinator for the Arkansas Writers’ Conference.

WORKMAN, Jim has written two western novels, one published by World Books Publishers, Inc., Bucklett’s Pursuit, and one unpublished western. His new mystery is Murder on Beaver Creek.

YOUREE, Barbara is a free-lance writer who has published four historical romances and six children’s books. Her romances and non-fiction book, Courageous Journey, the story of Sudanese refugees, are available at Amazon.