Writers’ Guild of Arkansas

The Writers’ Guild of Arkansas is a critique group for published writers working in all areas of fiction and non-fiction. For further information, contact maevemaddox@gmail.com/.

Here’s a montage of Guild members, past and present.

Standing in front of the bridge
Left to right: Barbara Youree, Maeve Maddox, Pat Prinsloo, Nancy Hartney, Raymona Anderson, Vic Fountain, and Marilyn Collins. The occasion is Barbara Youree’s birthday. We won’t say which one.

Attentive Moment
Left to right: Linda Leavell, Barbara Youree, and Marilyn Lanford. The occasion is a Saturday morning meeting at the Writers’ Arms in Fayetteville. Critiquing can be serious business.

Afloat on Beaver Lake
Denton Gay, Joe Tangari, Barbara Youree, and Lorraine Heartfield. Even writers need a day off now and then.

Formal Christmas portrait
Back row, left to right: Vic Fountain, Marilyn Collins, Kay Gay, Raymona Anderson, Jan Larky, Pat Prinsloo, Denton Gay.
Front row, left to right: Maeve Maddox, Barbara Youree, Joe Tangari, Lela Davidson, Rhonda Franz, and June Jefferson.