Marilyn H. Collins

Marilyn H. Collins is an award-winning author of nonfiction books and over 100 magazine/newspaper features. Write History Right, her latest book, is a practical guide for nonfiction writers. She is a frequent conference speaker for both nonfiction and fiction writers. Her other works include: The Old Burying Ground, Beaufort, North Carolina; Rogers: The Town the Frisco Built; and a pictorial history Rogers, Arkansas. She is editor of a new online newsletter, “Proficient Writer NEWS”  ( and offers individual coaching for nonfiction writers. She is also author of a new eBook series—Step-by-Step Book Writing Guides: The Art & Business of Writing Local or Regional History and Bring the Past to Life: You Can Write a Book about Your Family. The next in the series is coming in 2011: Whispered Tales: Discover Stories in Cemetery Art & Words. Collins held executive positions with the Washington National Cathedral Association, American Association of University Women, and the Beaufort Historical Association (NC). She owned a marketing and management consulting company in the Washington, DC area and in North Carolina. Collins is currently owner of CHS Publishing. Contact information:,,,

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