Harriss and Hughes Publish Math Book

Hello Numbers! Mathbook cover

Fayetteville residents Edmund Harriss and Houston Hughes have authored a math book for children grades 3-4, Hello Numbers! What Can You Do?

Harriss is a mathematician, artist, and assistant professor at the University of Arkansas. He is the discoverer of the Harriss spiral and the creator of the construction toy Curvahedra.

The Harriss Spiral
The Harriss Spiral

Houston Hughes specializes in combining written and spoken word with other art forms, and he has produced hundreds of live shows in collaboration with musicians, chefs, scientists, mathematicians, painters, dancers, and vaudeville acts.

Mathematically inclined readers may enjoy this explanation of the Harriss Spiral and its relation to the Golden Ratio.

Hello Numbers! is available in both digital and print editions at Amazon.

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