Hartney Conversation at Village Lake Writers May 11

Nancy Hartney

     Arkansas writer Nancy Hartney (If You Walk Long Enough) will be at Bella Vista Public Library with the Village Lake Writers Wednesday, May 11 am to present  “A Conversation About Writing Tools.

     Hartney points out that “not all folks are at the same point in their writing lives. Therefore we’ll be personalizing and individualizing writing tools, crafts and today’s changing writing styles.” Participants will be encouraged to trade experiences about things that have worked and things that don’t seem to work.   

     The meeting is free and open to writers of all skill levels. Interested participants may stay through lunch and join the Village Lake writers’ group for their critique session. 

     The Bella Vista Public Library is at 11 Dickens Place. The phone number is 479-855-1753.onversation About Writing Tools.” 

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One thought on “Hartney Conversation at Village Lake Writers May 11

  1. Thank you Nancy Hartney for coming and sharing your wonderful new book, If You Walk Long Enough.
    Everyone loved hearing about your writing journey and tips for writing!
    You are a super teacher & mentor to all of us writers in Northwest Arkansas.
    Thank you again,
    Village Lake Writers & Poets
    Joanie Roberts

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