History of Fayetteville with Charlie Alison

Headquarters House on East Dickson Street commemorates the Battle of Fayetteville (Arkansas), April 15, 2017 with various activities and a book signing by Charlie Alison. Alison’s book, A Brief History of Fayetteville, Arkansas , is an account of a courthouse that became one of the larger Arkansas towns until it was destroyed in the Civil War. By 1871, however, as home to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville’s growth resumed and it eventually blossomed into the cultural center of the region.

Author and historian Charlie Alison, a Fayetteville resident since 1965, worked as a journalist for the last thirty-five years. He is executive editor of the UA Office of University Relations, member of the Washington County Historical Society’s board of directors and editor of Flashback, their quarterly historical journal, and co-author with Ellen Compton of the Images of America. His latest endeavor is available at the Historical Society’s bookstore, Amazon, and Arcadia Publishing.

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