Literature and Sex in Arkansas

Laura Parker Castoro was one of dozens of Arkansas writers and celebrities who participated in the 2009 Arkansas Literary Festival in Little Rock April 16-19.

Here’s a memento of her contribution to the festivities, a workshop titled “A Little More Sex.”

†”Here are a few pictures from the workshop I gave at the 2009 Arkansas Literary Festival workshop.†My husband laughed when he saw them.† He has always said Iím a very animated speaker.† The pictures do not lie.† Facial expressions are one thing.† But it turned out to be very difficult to get a picture in which at least one of my hands wasnít blurred.† Reminded me of that line about shutting someone up by tying their hands.† I guess I may qualify!†We had a good time.† It isnít every day you get to spend an hour in front of 37 strangers talking about ††C-O-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N.† Maybe the hand gestures were an attempt to distract from the subject.† Who me???”†

You can find out what else the irrepressible Laura Castoro is getting up to at her†website.†

Learn what you missed if you didn’t attend the 2009 Arkansas Literary Festival at the†official Festival site.

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