M. H. Collins Available for Local History Talks

M. H. Collins, Author, Write History Right
M.H. Collins, author of a newly-published book on how to write local history, is available for talks and workshops in NW Arkansas and neighboring states.

Collins is an award-winning author of three history books and over 100 magazine and newspaper feature articles. She was editor of both a national magazine and two regional publications. Write History Right is her latest book published by CHS Publishing.

Her latest book, Write History Right, is a user-friendly guide for writers who want to preserve the history of their town, region, family, church, school, or a person of special interest to them. According to author and reviewer Barbara Youree, ”

This is the toolbox to have in hand as you piece together shared memories. M.H. Collins has created the best there is on the market to help anyone write in this genre of history.”

Collins is a frequent workshop speaker to those interested in history or genealogy from her “Saving Cherished Stories” series. She also speaks to writers groups from her “Workshop for Writers” series. Specific workshop focus is designed to meet the particular interests of a group. She also offers consulting services to assist individuals/committees who are writing a town, church, organization, or family history.

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