Maddox Takes on Media English

Maeve Maddox, longtime contributor to the popular language site Daily Writing Tips, is bringing her observations on English usage in the media to her own site,

“I’m never too moved when I see non-Standard English in a Facebook comment,” says Maddox, “but when I see or hear it in the speech and writing of someone who uses language for a living, I can’t resist writing about it.”

Maddox has degrees in journalism, English, and comparative literature from Oklahoma City University, the University of London (UK), and the University of Arkansas. She has published two juvenile novels, a usage guide, a collection of essays about the writing craft, and a film guide to six movies about Joan of Arc.

She says that the present focus of her writing is the creation and compilation of teaching tips of use to parents who are concerned about the effectiveness of current public school reform.  Her teaching site is

You can read her post about tread as used in a recent article in Writer’s Digest here.

Phil Slattery writes fiction and publishes and

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