Maeve Maddox Interviewed by Kyle Kellams

As he has done for her previous language guides, Kyle Kellams interviewed Arkansas writer and teacher Maeve Maddox about her latest publication, The Pronoun Book, on Fayetteville’s local NPR station, KUAF (Ozarks at Large, July 30, 2019).

Kyle Kellams, a broadcaster who values Standard English

In gratitude, and in recognition of Kellams’ interest and appreciation of the English language, Maddox has dedicated this book to him: To Kyle Kellams, a broadcaster who values Standard English.

Currently available only in the print edition, The Pronoun Book is a guide to standard English pronoun usage targeted to nonspecialists who want to avoid embarrassing errors in their ads or blog posts, to parents who want to help their youngsters at home, and to teachers who may be looking for a simple, dedicated approach to the topic.

Maddox comes to the creation of her series of easy English guides from a background of teaching English at every level, from elementary to university. She taught thirty years in the secondary classroom and seven at the University of Arkansas. She holds English degrees from Oklahoma City University, the University of Arkansas, and the University of London (England). While in England, she taught seven years in a private tutorial school in London, where she learned effective techniques of teaching basic grammar to children 9-16.

You can hear the interview about The Pronoun Book in the KUAF archives.

You can buy a copy of The Pronoun Book on Amazon.

You can find out more about Maeve Maddox and her publications here:
Author’s site
Teaching site

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