Maeve Maddox Publishes Cozy Mystery with The Wild Rose Press

Front cover, The Fabergé Flute, 2021

Today, January 27, 2021, is The Wild Rose Press‘s publication day for The Fabergé Flute, a cozy mystery by Arkansas author Maeve Maddox.

Set in 1985 England, the story takes frustrated English teacher Sallie Dunbar from fictional DeSoto Springs, Arkansas to a Thanksgiving-week music conference in London’s West End.

Anglophile and amateur flutist, Sallie becomes entangled in a deadly quest for a mysterious flute said to have healing powers. Instead of sight-seeing, she becomes a killer’s target, on one occasion, being pushed into London traffic:

Thoughts whirling, Sallie took her place with a group of people she thought were waiting for the light to change, but as they surged forward, she realized that she was at a bus stop. As the huge red hulk of a Number Nine hurtled toward the curb, she felt the pressure of a hand at the small of her back and found herself being propelled forward into the street. For the first time, she noticed that red London buses have black fenders and that one of them was inches from her face.

A resident of Fayetteville, Maeve is a former editor and long-time contributor to the international language blog, Daily Writing Tips. A retired teacher of English and French (her academic credentials are in the name Margaret [Peggy] Joan Maddox) she keeps her hand in by offering instruction at her teaching site, the American English Doctor.

The Fabergé Flute is available in print and digital copies from Amazon and other sellers. 

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