Marla Cantrell Publishes Arkansas Short Story Collection

Telephee Press is pleased to announce the release of Early Morning in the Land of Dreams, by award-winning writer Marla Cantrell. This collection of short stories, set over the course of a year in Arkansas, has been compared to the literary equivalent of your favorite county song, filled with heart, hard times, and hope. Cantrell is a champion of writing these salt-of-the-earth characters tied to the land they cherish, the traditions they honor, and the people they love, for better or worse.

Cantrell has had more than 100 short stories published in magazines and anthologies. She’s an Arkansas Arts Council Fellowship Award Winner in Short Fiction, a writing teacher, editor, and director of the Alma Public Library.

Early praise for her work comes from writer, UAFS professor, and historian Tom Wing, who said, “In her book, Early Morning in the Land of Dreams, Cantrell takes her loom of words and weaves compelling characters with unforgettable narration.” Author Gwen Ford Faulkenberry said, “With loving precision, Cantrell colors her stories with simple yet complicated characters, vivid dialogue, and perfect attention to detail.” Anita Paddock, author of a trio of true crime novels set in Crawford County, said, “Through sparkling imagery, spot-on dialogue, and down-home philosophy, she tells a story that packs a wallop. Cantrell captures Arkansas folk like no other writer.”

Early Morning in the Land of Dreams is available for purchase in paperback or eBook at Amazon. Telephee Press is a tiny press in Arkansas, publishing Cantrell’s work.

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