Mary Larmoyeux Featured Speaker at HS Village

Mary Larmoyeux
Mary Larmoyeux

Come experience “The Joy and Discipline of Writing” with Author Mary Larmoyeux at the next Village Writers’ Club meeting on Monday, November 28, at the Home Plate Café, 5110 North Highway 7, in Hot Springs Village.

Larmoyeux says, “The joy of completing a poem, short story or book comes after the hard work of writing.” She will help writers answer two questions: “Why do you want to write? How can you turn that desire into reality?”

Mary May Larmoyeux is the author of Help for Busy Moms: Purposeful Living to Simplify Life and the co-author of The Grand Connection: 365 Ways to Connect with Your Grandchild’s Heart. Mary has written articles for publications that include The Family Room, HomeLife, Discovery Years, Fresh Outlook, Maumelle Living, and AY Magazine.

Larmoyeux also writes a blog for grandparents, The Grand Connection, and she hosts a quarterly e-zine, Encouraging Women with Hearts for Their Homes. She and her husband, Jim, live near Little Rock, Arkansas, and have two married sons and five grandchildren.

Village Writers’ Club members and guests will also enjoy an informal read-around at 11:15 a.m., sharing their prize-winning pieces or works-in-progress, followed by a “Dutch treat” lunch at noon and author Larmoyeux’s program ,”The Joy and Discipline of Writing,” from 1-2 p.m.

For reservations (required), contact Joyce Anderson—(501) 922-9077. For more information, check out Hot Springs Village Writers’ Club online at .

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