Memoir writing at Fayetteville Library’s 2012 OWL

Marilyn H. Collins
Marilyn H. Collins

If you have been thinking about writing a family history or memoir, you can get your ideas off the ground by attending the session on memoir writing at at Fayetteville Library’s 2012 Ozark Writer Live! event on Saturday, September 8.

Marilyn H. Collins, a writing coach who specializes in the writing of local history and memoirs, will present a workshop called “Memoir Writing: Brighten Your Leaf on the Family Tree” at 11 a.m. at the September 8 event.

According to Collins, the interactive workshop

will focus on the most fascinating main character you know—YOU. Discover the story within the stories about yourself and about others you choose to include in your memoir. Use the Timeline Process to help unscramble memorabilia and structure your story into a workable and doable format. Whether writing for family members or for publication, this workshop will benefit both beginning writers and seasoned writers entering this genre for the first time.

Visit Fayetteville Library’s website for more information about Ozark Writers Live!

To learn more about the workshop on memoir writing, visit, or email Marilyn Collins at

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