Mike McArthy to speak on Ozark Grist Mills July 22

Little Rocks Old Mill, famous for appearing in the film of Gone With the Wind
Little Rock's Old Mill, famous for its appearance in the film of Gone With the Wind

Photographer Mike McArthy, author of Historic Ozarks Mills, willconduct a book signing and discussion on July 22 at 5 pm, in Harrison, Arkansas at the Boone County Library.

McArthy’s book is a guide to historic water-powered gristmills in the Ozarks.

For further information:

Boone County Library – 221 W Stephenson, Harrison, AR. 72601, Ph 870-741-5913.

McArthy’s website: www.photozarks.com,

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  1. Tamara,
    I’m glad too. I don’t post as often as I should, but even so, the site has been successful in putting writers in touch with one another. If you live in NW Arkansas, you may be interested in the Writers’ Group, a new writing group that will be forming in September. See the post for August 12.

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