NWA Author Publishes Barebones Style Guide for Writers

Maeve Maddox
Maeve Maddox

A brief style guide by NW Arkansas author Maeve Maddox has been published by Daily Writing Tips.

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid is a barebones presentation of 100 common errors of spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation presented in an easy-to-search format.

According to the introduction,100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid

is for writers who want to avoid the most common errors of written English without spending a lot of time looking things up.

Maddox acknowledges that every writer needs a good dictionary and a reliable style guide, but points out that her guide can be a time saver because it contains so many of the high-frequency errors committed by writers who have forgotten their high school English.

Maeve Maddox, who has also published as Margaret Maddox, Peggy Maddox, and Margaret Wallworth, writes a daily post on language at DailyWritingTips.com. She holds a PhD. in Comparative English from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, as well as BAs in English from Oklahoma City University and the University of London (England).

100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid is available for purchase as a pdf at Daily Writing Tips.com/. Later this year it will be available on Kindle and in print.

Read Charles A. Ray’s review of 100 Writing Errors to Avoid at Red Room.

Maeve Maddox writes about popular culture, English usage, and education. Her most recent books are WORD RAGE, a guide to peaceful coexistence as American English-speakers, and THE FABERGE FLUTE, a cozy mystery set in 1980s London.

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