NWA Writers’ Guild at Ozark Writers Live

The Northwest Arkansas Writers’ Guild will be well represented at the second annual Ozark Writers Live event at the Fayetteville Public Library on Saturday, September 13.

Barbara Youree and Marilyn Collins will be talking about their just-published books and Lela Davidson and Mary Ann Powers will share the skinny on their web writing successes.

Barbara Youree will speak at 10 a.m. in the Walker Community Room. Her new non-fiction book is called Courageous Journey: Walking the Lost Boys’ Path from Sudan to America. She’ll tell what it’s about and talk about the publishing experience.

Phil Slattery writes fiction and publishes thechambermagazine.com and ruralfictionmagazine.wordpress.com.

3 thoughts on “NWA Writers’ Guild at Ozark Writers Live

  1. Another thing to be considered is a personal niche. Do you have one? What need do you fill for the reading public? What unusual sales pitch can you come up with?

  2. About publishing…with publishers in New York trying to find their footing in a rapidly advancing digital world by cutting advances, publicity, and even quantity of books published each year, (and usually rejecting mid-list authors), I’ve come to the conclusion that writers today are more “on their own” than ever before when it comes to getting their words out to the public. We need to spend time analyzing what fits our personal art and craft and what we’ll be happy with as far as publishing methods are concerned. There are so many options out there when it comes to getting a book out…vanity, self-pub, POD, small press, and more! The options among one category–small and mid-sized presses–vary widely. How do they produce books, for example? Is it offset on acid-free paper (the top type for longevity and quality) or POD, which even publishers admit is of lesser quality and produces books that will probably deteriorate after twenty years or less. On the other hand there’s e-publishing where words can vanish over night. Know thyself seems the first key to adapting in today’s publishing world. What does each of us want?

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