Online Writing Class Starts July 15

Marilyn H. Collins is offering another online writing class with Story Circle.

In this interactive four-week online course: “Let’s Make a Book,” you’ll learn how to understand and capitalize on the value of wisely using the pre-story and post-story sections of your book. Each of the four units will focus on writing the front and end sections of your book and organizing your chapters within the book—even if you’ve only written a few stories. The last unit will offer various methods of putting the final book together in a usable format. Tips for selling your book will be included.

You will write and submit a story each week and all your work will be read with follow-up instructor comments. A bonus story is also offered.

Workshop leader: Marilyn H. Collins
Sponsor: Story Circle Network
Dates: July 15 – August 12

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By Maeve Maddox

Maeve Maddox writes about popular culture, English usage, and education. Her most recent books are WORD RAGE, a guide to peaceful coexistence as American English-speakers, and THE FABERGE FLUTE, a cozy mystery set in 1980s London.

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