Raymona Anderson Featured Blogger

Raymona Marie Anderson

Raymona Marie Anderson, author of Two Hearts in Time, will be the featured guest on Casi McLean’s website April 10—12, 2017

Author of the Beneath the Lake series published by Wild Rose Press,  McClean showcases fellow romance writers in her blog, Awesome, Bewitching Authors.

Beginning on Monday, April 10,  Arkansas writer Raymona Anderson will be the featured guest, writing about her novel, a time-travel romance set in nineteenth-century Yucatán.

This link will take you to McClean’s site. Readers must then click on the word MENU in the upper right corner and scroll down to this link: BLOG—ABA’s AWESOME BEWITCHING AUTHORS.

Click on the blog link and then click on the image of Raymona’s novel.

Two Hearts in Time is available for purchase at Amazon.

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