Sept. 9 Deadline for entries in Grand Prairie Art Festival

The work of graphic artists and writers will honored at the 55th Annual Grand Prairie Art Festival at Stuttgart, Arkansas September 23-25 at the Arts Center of the Grand Prairie, 108 West 12th, Stuttgart, Arkansas 72160. There is still time to enter some of the contest categories.

According to the  Stuttgart Daily Leader, the first Grand Prairie Festival of Arts was held in September 1956 and continues to attract some of the state’s finest artists and writers. Cash prizes and scholarships are a major part of the festival. The 2009 festival introduced new awards, which will return in 2011, recognizing Best of Show in Visual Arts, Best of Show in Photography and Best of Show in Decorative Arts in the amounts of $500 each. Entry applications may be requested through email at For more information, call (870) 673-1781 and (870) 672-2019.

Pdf of Festival brochure.

Maeve Maddox writes about English usage and public education at Her most recent publication is The Fabergé Flute, a cozy mystery novel set in 1980s London.

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  1. The only brochure I could find was for 2011 for your Grand Prairie Festival of Arts. Are you having an event this year? I am interested in the writing contests.

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