Slate Editor Featured at Skill Swap

Local journalists, journalism teachers, and a national web editor joined forces on January 22 to present an all-day Skill Swap workshop on the internet in the journalism department at the University of Arkansas.

Participants in the 2011 SkillSwap workshop at the University of Arkansas
Participants in the 2011 SkillSwap workshop at the University of Arkansas

Marci Manley, KNWA reporter, presented Mutimedia for Beginners and Others, explaining how, thanks to miniaturized technology, journalists can produce professional audio and video in the field.

Katherine Shurlds, UA instructor, aka the Militant Grammarian, presented Grammar You Thought You Knew But Didn’t, and Bret Schulte, UA journalism professor, talked about Good Lede Writing for the Web.

Christopher spencer, editor of told prospective bloggers and reporters about free software and applications.

The afternoon session was led by Chad Lorenz, web page editor for

Chad Lorenz, web page editor,
Chad Lorenz, web page editor, Lorenz’s talk was called Getting the Word Out. He explained how websites reach beyond the site itself to attract readers through social networkng sites such as Facebook and Twitter. He emphasized the importance of professional ethics in the presentation of news, crediting of sources, and willingness to acknowledge and correct errors.

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