Sunspot Rigel 2021 Contest

Anything seems to go for this contest ($5 entry fee; $750 prize to winner).

Rigel 2021 Contest

Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, or Art
No restrictions on theme or category. See guidelines for details.

Open: April 1, 2021
Close: June 30, 2021
Entry fee: $5
Prize: $750 cash and publication

Enter through Sunspot’s Submittable Form

According to a write-up in The Writer magazine, “Sunspot literary journal was founded to cut through the blinding flashes [of celebrity rehab stories]. The publication presents writing that is meaningful. Writing created by individuals who might not have a large social media following, but who still have something important to say.”

You can check out their website here.



Local writers are welcome to submit promotional news releases about themselves, their critique groups, and any other writing-related activities of interest to writers in Arkansas and the neighboring states. Submission Guidelines:

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