True Lit for Writers and Readers, Adults and Children

Fayetteville Literary Festival pulls out all the stops on Saturday, October 3 with the True Lit events between 9:30 am and 3:00pm. Panel presentations by magazine editors and book publishers, individual pitch sessions, and a graphic narrative discussion take place during the day. Editors for Do South, CitiScapes, Free Weekly, Nimrod Literary Journal, and Idle Class discuss freelance publishing opportunities “Magazine: Best Secret in the Publishing World.” They are followed by book publishers from Rocking Horse Publishing (Missouri), Post Mortem Press (Ohio), The Wild Rose Press (New York) and Mongrel Empire Press (Oklahoma) discussing the how of book publication with “Got Book. Need Publisher.” Magazine and book representatives will offer individual pitch sessions between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm for writers interested in publication. Pitch sessions are free but sign-up is required first come, first served on October 3. Cole Closser closes the day with ‘Graphic Narrative: An Overview.’ Details of the day and the week-long events are available at

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