Washed in the Water Hits the Shelves July 15, 2013

The publication date of Nancy Hartney’s debut collection of short stories, published by Pen-L Publishing, is July 15, 2013.

The book, Washed in the Water: Tales from the South, offers vignettes reflecting a region historically peopled with eccentric characters and scorned for less-than-honest politics. In this collection of stories, the reader will discover independent, caring and resourceful individuals enduring their lot in life while striving toward a better way.

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Set between 1950 and 1980, each tale stares at an individual as unique as the humid landscape of the South. Everyday incidents, complex decisions, and lessons about getting on with the business of living reverberate among the characters.

Old Leroy Jackson’s passion leads him to unexpected insight when he enters a coon hunting contest and is paired with a boy and runt hound in “Last Love.”

Annually, women and girls gather, baking “More Than Fruitcake” for the holidays. They pass on a tradition that holds dear the good and weak.

Nancy Hartney, author of WASHED IN THE WATER
Nancy Hartney, author of WASHED IN THE WATER

Lester Groh, “The Stooper,” lives along horse racing’s underbelly, fighting personal demons.

“The Day the Snake Got Killed” Billman and Sissy learn a lesson on redemption and the ripple effect of actions.

“The Fig Trees” touches the ripeness and desire of a mother and her woman friend and her own daughter.

Sarah lives in the shadow of her big sister until “The Cane Grinding” when she stares into the adult world and realizes the power of dreams.

Lisa Dell’s river baptism challenges her deepest beliefs in the title story “Washed in the Water.”

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