What do you call somebody from Arkansas?

Dr. Fred Pfister, editor of The Ozarks Mountaineer, is conducting a survey to find out the answer to this question.  He’s bracing to receive a lot of smart-ass remarks, but hopes that people will give him mostly straight answers.

Here is his question:

If you are a person from Arkansas, what do you call yourself?





If you live outside of Arkansas, what term do you most hear about a denizen of Arkansas?

Out-of-state respondents are also requested to keep the insults to a minimum.

Dr. Pfister would like to see comments along with the terms.  Here are some additional questions to which answers are invited:

Do you perceive the term “Arkansawyer” as prejorative?

How about “Arkie?”

Any observations or stories about the terms?

Send your responses to editor@ozarkmountaineer.com

Maeve Maddox writes about English usage and public education at AmericanEnglishDoctor.com/. Her most recent publication is The Fabergé Flute, a cozy mystery novel set in 1980s London.

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