“Write History Right” Author to speak in Little Rock

Marilyn H. Collins
Marilyn H. Collins

Author and workshop leader Marilyn H. Collins will be a featured speaker at the 66th Annual Arkansas Writers Conference in Little Rock the weekend of June 4-5.  Her topic will be “Writing the Regionals: Making the Most of Regional Magazines.”

Collins has published over 100 magazine and newspaper features. Her books include Rogers: The Town the Frisco Built, Rogers, Arkansas (pictorial), and The Old Burying Ground, Beaufort, NC. Her latest book, Writing History Right, is a step-by-step guide for nonfiction writers, especially those interested in all types of history.

Based on her writing and publishing experience, Collins’s workshops stress participation that often extends to follow-up writing assistance for writers who attend the workshops.

Later this summer Collins will speak at the Missouri State Genealogical Association conference in Jefferson City, Missouri August 13-14. Her topic there will be “If You Don’t Write the Story, Who Will?”

Marilyn H. Collins

Arkansas Writers Conference

Missouri State Genealogical Association Conference

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