Writers’ Colony A Podcast Presence for Locked-down Authors

Back in December of 2019, Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow board member and author Charles Templeton launched the first Dairy Hollow podcast, “Write Now at the Writers’ Colony.”  Since then, a total of seven thirty- to forty-minute podcasts on writing topics have been produced.

On March 30, 2020, prompted by the new locked-down life of social-distancing, Chad Gurley, WCDH Colony Coordinator, initiated a daily edition to connect local and regional writers.

Each of these daily podcasts is a short phone conversation with a writer, exploring their writing and how the current situation is affecting their lives and their writing.

The first three authors interviewed are Charles. L. Templeton, Crescent Dragonwagon, and Philip Cioffari.

All the podcasts can be accessed at the Writers’ Colony website.

Phil Slattery writes fiction and publishes thechambermagazine.com and ruralfictionmagazine.wordpress.com.

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